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Where no one is looking...

It sounds a bit like a song title. Actually it only describes what kind of images I like to take - of places and things that no one is looking at. 

It came to me today while I was walking the 2 boxers, I realised that I was staring at the side of the road as much as they were sniffing at it. Unconsciously, I was looking for those secret places where no one looks at. I believe, that so very often, the majority of us do not have the time to stop and admire the little details around us. We are so engulfed into the struggle of everyday life that we do not have the time to stop and look at anything any more. 
This is where I come in. 

Taking photos is my passion. I find so much beauty and perfection even in the simplest and tiniest of things. One of my favourite games is taking an image of something ordinary and transforming it into a vision of beauty. Seen through my eyes and sent straight to you, so you can enjoy what I find, feel the beauty of this world and reconnect with nature, even th…

Walking in the Rain

We had two good weeks with bright sun and cloudless skies. Some people even got sunstroke, including me, after covering The sheep races in Oughterard, I had to stand for tree long hours under the unrelenting sun!! We are so not used to hot weather in this parts of the world. Including me. 
     For this reason I have to admit that the sudden rain yesterday kind of made me feel happy. A little break from the sun. A 24 hour continuous persistent drizzle with overcast sky. How delightful. If only there was no midges in this area(they can eat you alive in seconds!)it would be perfect. Defused glowing light, raindrops everywhere and on everything, bold colours - perfect conditions for some nature photography. 
     So I went out walking in the rain...

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ConNemAra In a DreaM

Call me crazy, but I saw this in a dream.
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