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Lights in the Darkness

Once Christmas is over, New Year's Eve is almost forgotten and we have totally recovered, I don't want to feel cold anymore, don't want to see snow, don't want to look at the rain (tough luck on that one) I yearn for the first green leaves and the spring flowers and the weak winter sun smiling from somewhere up there among the clouds (hopefully).
But well, I am perfectly aware that it is far too early for that anyway. There is 3 to 4 more months of cold and rain and possibly frost and snow (depending on where you live, here in Ireland we don't really get snow) 
So what I am going to do is, post some of the images I captured in December and never had the time to show you because I was so outrageously busy baking away at The White Gables.  The only thing that keeps us going during the long devouring darkness of the long December days and nights is the hopeful and colourful twinkling of all the Christmas decorations everywhere. 
Tell me now, who doesn't like to s…

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