Sunday, August 16, 2015

My boxer story

For the last week or so we took care of a third boxer.

a brindle boxer dogYes, I am not joking. We already have two lovely chaps and decided we need more. When you have one boxer, it is never enough. You get so much love and attention from them it is addictive. Honestly, pure addiction. The way they look at you, the way they can read you and predict what you are going to do before you do it so they can join you and you can not say no.... Doesn't that sound like the perfect relationship?!

Anyway, we got the first one as a puppy, 7 years ago. He has imprinted on us all perfectly now. I never had a dog before him and I never knew it is so wonderful and rewarding. We got boxer books, we read, we watched a lot of dog shows and now I can say that we are pretty good with dogs. We walked him every single day for at least and hour an half, most of the time two and more. No matter the weather and believe me around here in this part of Ireland, the weather is pretty bad most of the time. As long as he has had his walk and a good meal after, no dog will create any problems after that, believe you me, he is only one big sofa cushion for the rest of the day and night... We always say he is our Big Love..

boxer dog, beautiful rusty colourThen 4 years ago we decided to find him company and rescued number two. The poor thing has had a
lot of of problems in his short life. He was starved, totally dehydrated, scared out of his head, about a year old and not house trained, didn't recognise any name we tried. So sad!! But now, when people look at him they can not believe that he was rescued he looks as good and vibrant as any other dog. One of the most heartbreaking things about him is that he is always trying so hard to prove that he is a good boy, even after all this years, he still has the need in his heart to prove that. He looks in my eyes and assumes his best "I am a good boy" position and shows me that he is good...... he simply doesn't deserve anything bad to happen to him. We can only speculate what it was but he was definitely tied up in a confined space, he couldn't move much for a long period of time, the scar from the extremely tight collar never heeled, his coat didn't grow back. And he doesn't like to get dirty at all, amazing, isn't it?

So a week ago we sheltered another boxer with the hope that we will be able to keep him. Unfortunately nothing went as we planed. The boy was fabulous, I fell in love with him straight away. Unfortunately he had a big issue with our boys. We knew there will be a bit of tension, introducing new dog and all, but things went completely out of hand and at the end and we had to give him up.

We kept them separated, blocking the doors in the house so they can not reach each other, the house was divided in half basically and not very livable. On his own, the new boy was fantastic, quiet, so loving and adorable but the moment he spied the other two he got wired and tensed up and simply jumped at them to fight. And it wasn't about dominance anymore, they fought 6-7 times and he lost every single time. He attacked the others once even when they had their backs turned, when one of them was sleeping and so on.... So no matter how much I liked him, and how good his life could have been here with us, we had to say good bye. I am so sad. 

I hope you find a good family, my boy.

a brown boxer dog sitting in the grass

a brown boxer dog looking after a running cat

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