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The Magic Sycamore tree

It is time to add a few images to my Enchanted forest collection. This time I am all focused on the sycamore tree. 
I was in a hurry one day, walking along one of the back roads when I came upon this magic sycamore tree. 

I had to stop and take a few shots, I am so glad I never go anywhere without my camera. The light was really amazing, the sun was setting behind the trees and the colour of all the vegetation was simply perfect. 

I hope you enjoy what you see. Click on the images to view as a slideshow

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A splash of Pink

Since the weather is pretty bad right now - rain, wind, clouds and all that - I crave for colour and light. It always happens to me if I am stuck inside and the only colours are dark grey, dark brown and more dark of everything. And since I prefer to take photos outdoors with natural light inside I feel a bit restrained and imprisoned.So I search for colour to lift my spirits up and I always find something in my database. I am still organizing all the images I have taken over the years and today I chose the wild rose. There is plenty of those in the area where I live and they make gorgeous photography subjects!!I hope you will agree. So, here is a splash of colour from me, hiding from the wind and the rain today, searching for enlightenment, light and beautiful colours. 

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The Magic Fir Tree

I just came back from my morning walk and I have to share some photos straight away. I was passing by my favourite fir tree when this magic moment happened: Captured in passing while being eaten by the midges ;)  

All about the Horse

Horses are such magnificent creatures. 
They can run to you like you are the best thing in the universe and then the following day, they can just ignore you as if they don't know you at all. Sometimes they keep busy with their own stuff, other times I think they pretend they are busy simply because they don't feel like running to you for your own personal amusement. They can also be witty and playful and even tease you while you walk by. Or they can stare at you as if you stepped on their toes just a few minutes ago.

All in all, I love horses. And most of all I love taking photos of them. 
Meet my new friend, he lives in the neighborhood. I don't even know his name, but he is quite a character.

The Enchanted Forest

   Quite often while I walk I spent a lot of time staring up at the trees. I search the enchanted shadows among the branches and smile quietly to myself, admiring the way the light plays inside the trees and the wind dances among the leaves. 
   You might think I am a bit cuckoo staring at something that isn't there, but believe me when I say that sometimes it is good and healthy to take the time and open your eye and your imagination for the magical and the enchanted. Only then, all the wonderful and fabulous little things will be revealed in front of you. 
   Please, enjoy my collection The Enchanted Forest and the ethereal beauty of the local Irish trees. I will start with the common Fir. This particular tree here is an absolute giant. The size amazes me every time I pass below it.
   Maybe that is why it feels so magical being under it.

     I made a research about the local flora. I have to say I was impressed by the variety and also the presence of some plants which were introdu…

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