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The very helpful kitty

Recently to complete the company of the two boxer dogs we acquired a tiny baby kitten just 4 months old. 
You would say that probably that was the most insane thing to do. But, she adjusted fast and furious into the household. Now she has the two old brutes wrapped around her tiny claw and she runs the whole parade. I bow to her.
She makes everyone get up and open the door for her (including the dogs) when she feels like she has to go for a snack or to visit the loo. And she really likes to snack often!! 
She likes to sleep on peoples knees and you better keep them straight, do not move because she doesn't like to be disturbed when napping. 
She likes to play with the dogs and attacks them from behind a door or a random wall and this is such an amazing site: imagine a tiny kitten suddenly flying with her paws spread wide and lounging herself at a dog 20 times bigger than her.

She loves to jump on my back with her claws first while I am washing the dishes and then just sits there …

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