Hi, My name is Annie

I am only happy when I am creating something. 

It could be with manual work like making breads or cakes of any kind (it seems to come really naturally to me) or with my imagination and my mind which is like second nature to me too.  I have a chance to do both continuously throughout the days because of my work and that keeps me happy for now. 

The only thing I wish I could do more is travel and be outside a bit more, I really miss that. But I am working on it and I am managing to some point. 
So beware, there will be lots of images to follow.

Right, these are my rules: 
  • I never leave home without my camera or these days my phone. I have been working mojo a lot recently and have found the results outstanding.

  •  I prefer to walk to my destinations if possible, I also love to hike and climb mountains and can swim in the sea any time of the year

  • I love being outdoors and everything about nature.  

  • I am in love with trees, flowers, even grass...they simply look so good up close, through the camera.

  • Photography and blogging are my greatest passions. 

  • Baking bread and making cakes is how I make my living.

  • I love dogs and especially boxers, I think they are the most amazing creatures. I believe that having a dog makes us better people and teaches us a lot about ourselves.  


If you want To know more about my photography  here is my latest post revealing MY DEEPEST SECRETS

Thank you for stopping by. I hope we get in touch.

Best regards, 


© Annie Japaud Photography

© Annie Japaud Photography

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Thank you for stopping by.

I will be glad to hear from any of you. 

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