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Blue Ice Photography

I think I am in love with the colour blue right now!! 

I know you can understand me. You can see for yourselves 

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Thanks for being here!!


The weather has been so horribly bad for the last week it was simply impossible to do anything outdoors. 
I am not going to even mention a casual stroll with a camera in hand, not when there is a warning for everyone to keep indoors and keep the shutters bolted. 
Not when it keeps hailing every few hours - big hard balls of ice that the wind drives into the face with particularly unpleasant force!!  
Not when everything that is a bit loose and forgotten somewhere in the garden starts flying happily around  - you can simply forget about it!! 

It's been a hell of a week and apparently it is not over. The weather will continue to be unpleasant over Christmas and after that. Or so I heard. 

The only images I managed to take lately were from the car in the pouring rain and the horrible wind!!
I have too say I rather like doing that since I am not the driver mind you!! 
Certainly don't try to do that if you are driving please!! 

For some really annoying reason my best photos didn't uplo…

Lets celebrate

Today is 11.12.13. 

A day that deserves a post of its own just because it's such a great number which will never ever happen again in all history of mankind. I find it so absolutely cool for no particular reason at all, just cracks me up. 
So, for this occasion, I have prepared some special photos to mark a special day. 
Lets celebrate with some nature photography from me.

Enjoy everyone and please leave a comment to tell me what you think! 

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