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Spring is on its way

Spring is on its way... I certainly hope so because it is the middle of March now and we have been deluged by constant showers, blown away by the ice cold wind and totally frozen in despair while waiting for the good weather. Yes, 2016 weather is so very disappointing so far. At least here in the West of Ireland in the beautiful Galway county. I won't be surprised if in Dublin and the East parts the birds are singing and the weather is all nice and rosy. 

You can not imagine how many times I have traveled to Dublin and back witnessing and enjoying fantastic lovely sunny weather over there. Then on my way back half way across the country clouds appear out of nowhere and slowly and menacingly swoop down until by the time I arrive in Galway it's cold and rain is pouring like there is no tomorrow. 
So it is really time for spring. Nothing is blossoming yet, which is so strange, I am waiting impatiently for nature to be revived and reborn.  Come on sun!! Stop hiding!! I need some …

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