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Me and the Old Boys

You all know I am a nature walker, I love my little hikes in the Connemara hills, but I am also a dog lover. I love my boxer dogs and for me it is not a good walk if they are not with me. 
You have no idea how cool it is to go out with the boys.
We all walk with the same pace, it is quiet and peaceful on the road, it's just us and mother nature.

I usually let them go in front of me, but most of all they love to fit me in the middle, so I am save and sound between them. You never know, someone might try to talk to me...Not a very wise idea if you are a man, my boys get a bit cranky and don't really let anyone come close. Otherwise I keep telling everyone they are just a pair of sofa cushions. 

I know that no one believes me though, especially when I see people crossing the road, afraid to walk past us.

I feel sad sometimes knowing how misunderstood boxers are. Because of their size and the unusual amount of energy, people believe them to be scary beasts.
This is so not true! T…

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