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The neighbors' hedge

I went out yesterday for a walk 
and got stuck 20 meters away from the house for about half an hour. It happens sometimes to some of us... I hope...

Just passing by

That's it. This is me, just passing by, looking for new  subjects to frame. And I found them. Trees. Tree trunks. Branches. It turns out they are quite photogenic. 
Here is a day's exploration of the trees. 

A trip to the past

In my mindI am a  photographer, coder and a web designer. In reality I bake bread and decorate birthday cakes. I guess it could have been worst. I love to create so it suits me just fine.
I have one of those vanishing professions because I am an artisan baker - I do everything from scratch and by hand. If you know what you want I can make it for you. As long as there is quantity, shape, weight and desired flavour I can calculate what and how much ingredients to use, how long it would take (depending on working conditions, temperature mostly) and I can make exactly what you want. Or if you have a special recipe I can come up with a matching bread to enhance the flavour. The possibilities are endless. That is the beauty of artisan work you can create to your hearts content. I am so proud of our wholesale bread list, it had 100 different types of bread on it, if you cared to choose any! 

But then there is survival and these days the big shops offer much cheaper products and in much bigger …

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