Monday, January 7, 2013


It feels like it's been raining for ages. 
Well, certainly since last year!  

I just came back home completely soaked from head to toe. The rain was soft, serious and monotonous and it felt like it would never stop. Not today for sure. The worst part of it all is the lack of light and colour. It's dim and gloomy and the only colours available are the numerous shades of grey and brown and the cold bluish tones of the evergreens. That about sums it all for today. Except the water drops. They are everywhere, on every branch and blade of grass or weed. They sparkled in the gloom enchanting and delightful, making me forget the cold and the wet until I reached home. 

Imagine, walking through the hushed bogs, there is only the patter of rain, and the splashing of your feet. The light is low, the windblown trees surround the road and you wade through the puddles, step after step. And then suddenly looking up from the wet ground you realize you almost missed the best part of the day. 

The trees!! Decorated with millions of droplets 
on every tip and every branch, they sparkle in the semidarkness like jewels. What a sight! 

And that, really makes the day for me!! Now I can forget about the rain and the permanent semidarkness. 

There is a light and it is all around me.

collage of images, foggy road, surrounded by gloomy trees

tree branches covered in sparkling raindrops

tree branches, raindrops, lonely coloured leaves

tree branches and raindrops

tree branches and raindrops collage

tree branches and sparkling raindrops

tree branches and sparkling raindrops

tree branches and sparkling raindrops

tree branches and raindrops

tree branches and sparkling raindrops

blade of grass covered in raindrops

branches with raindrops

branches with raindrops

a branch hanging over the road with a single raindrop at the end

a road sign saying "the old bog road"

Another visit to Bog Road, Oughterard, Co. Galway, Ireland

thank you for the visit!!

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