Galway is a fabulous city to stroll through on a lovely summer afternoon. 

One of the things that would amaze you the most are the colours! 
This is a collection of images I have had for a while but I think it is time to share.
I used to make post cards with them at some point and they were quite popular 
with the tourists. Now they have a new life here on the blog. 

collage with images from Galway city, Ireland

bicycle propped on a very colourful wall

image collage from Galway city Ireland

image collage from Galway city Ireland

Image of Martine's restaurant on Quay street Galway

collage with random snaps from Galway city

image from the harbor parking lot, Galway

flower pot and a bicycle

bicycles and flowers

another bicycle  with flowers basket at the back

The Spanish arch hotel entrance, Galway

random image from Eyre Square Galway city

people sitting in Eyre square Galway

image from the bridge at the end of shop street, Galway

image from Galway

the entrance to the Malt house, Galway

Sonny's restaurant Galway

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