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Just an Ordinary Cloudy Day

So what is the perfect weather for you? For me it doesn't have to be a sunny day with the gorgeous blue sky so I can enjoy myself out there along the winding roads of Connemara. As long as my hands are not freezing off while holding the camera,  the wind is not blowing me away and I am not getting soaked to my bones... everything is fine. My walk is normally enjoyable.

To be honest I prefer a moody cloudy day for photos much more than a bright sunny one with heightened contrasts and strong shadows. And if you throw a bit of drizzle now and again to sharpen the air and wash off the colours in the fields and mountains around is no stopping me.

Today was just an ordinary cloudy day in Ireland but the light was bright and bouncy even dough there were clouds most of the time. Still the few images I took were lovely and I think represent Connemara at it's best.  Enjoy

Here  I managed to catch a rare boxer beast in a state of extreme  happiness and joy

Totally Snowed In

Yes, we are indeed, totally snowed in this morning. Storm Emma is throwing the worst it has against us today.  Our water pipes froze 2 days ago. By the way it looks outside, there is no hope!!
Even the cat doesn't like it much outside Let me IN!!!

My daughter was saying today that so far she thought having no internet or phone was the worst thing ever but actualy now she agrees that having NO water is deffinitely worst than that.   
Somehow, it doesn't look like there will be any changes soon. The weather hasn't changed a bit since last night. It's not that it is outrageously bad, but I want my pipes to defrost, so we can see if there is much damage and get the water flowing!!
I think, I am going to grab the camera and venture out for a few shots ;-) what else is there to do?

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