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The Little Cherry Tree

In  my garden, there is a little cherry tree that doesn't seem to grown much over the years.  It is hardly taller than me, and believe me I am not on the tall side, none the less, every year it provides me with a number of glorious photo opportunities.

I am nothing but thankful to the Little Cherry Tree.

Actually, I wait impatiently every single day in spring for the buds to open up so I can stalk around the tree with my camera and my lenses and take a bunch of photos.
This year wasn't any different. So, now I am going to share with you my photos from this spring.

Thank you my Little Cherry Tree 

There is nothing more beautiful than blossoms after rain. I hope you agree.
 Thank you for the visit

Catch the SunLight

This morning, I was planning to continue my spring posts with photos from my latest apple tree blossoms collection but when I started working converting files I found a folder I have forgotten from the beginning of January and I got completely sidetracked converting those files instead. 
Go figure, we work in mysterious ways sometimes.

Anyway, that particular morning was really special because I was waiting for it since last year. You see, the place where I took the photos is along a little road that climbs a hill. Twice a years, at about 9am in the morning, the sun shines down this road at exactly the perfect angle. Then I need some rain to have fallen during the night so everything would be covered in raindrops. And then I come with the camera and I take photos. Sounds easy enough, but it is not easy to have all the conditions present at the same right time.

I am only trying to Catch the Sun Light. How hard can it be? Here is the result you can judge for yourselves 

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