Sunday, May 4, 2014

Catch the SunLight

This morning, I was planning to continue my spring posts with photos from my latest apple tree blossoms collection but when I started working converting files I found a folder I have forgotten from the beginning of January and I got completely sidetracked converting those files instead. 

Go figure, we work in mysterious ways sometimes.

Anyway, that particular morning was really special because I was waiting for it since last year. You see, the place where I took the photos is along a little road that climbs a hill. Twice a years, at about 9am in the morning, the sun shines down this road at exactly the perfect angle. Then I need some rain to have fallen during the night so everything would be covered in raindrops. And then I come with the camera and I take photos. Sounds easy enough, but it is not easy to have all the conditions present at the same right time.

I am only trying to Catch the Sun Light. How hard can it be?

Here is the result you can judge for yourselves 
ferns in the beautiful light

ferns in the lightferns in the light

ferns by the road in beautiful light

ferns in the lightferns in the light

ferns in the light


ferns, light


fernsferns light


ferns, lightferns light


ferns light beautiful

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