Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Let's Go for a WalK

    There are quite a few positive outcomes from a walk.

  • you get a lot of fresh air. Being outdoors reboots the system and recharges the batteries. After the walk you feel refreshed, revitalized and renewed. Ready to get on with whatever life brings on.

  • you can also walk the dogs, they have their own business to do out there... Mine take their walk very seriously. And I think they have an internal clock, once it's time to go out they start stretching, yawning, getting ready, no matter if I am ready to go or not. And if I am still busy with something they start giving me those looks that can only mean: Are You Ready Yet!!!!!!! 
  • for me, the best part of going for a walk is taking the camera with me. Unfortunately, this only means that no one else will be happy about it, not even the dogs. Now during the holidays, I made a deal with my son: he has to come  with me during the week and then he has the weekend off to do that ever he wants. It's a great deal, but he doesn't like it when I take the camera with me because that involves a lot of stops along the way. 

  • And he is not the only one complaining either, the dogs can do that very expressively too. They often have to sit around and wait while I have my head in a bush or crawling around in the weeds after close ups and macros.

  • But hey, at the end of the day, everyone is happy, we all feel fresh, renewed and clear headed. I have noticed that even if someone doesn't feel like going out for a walk, no matter what, at the end, they always feel much better and happier, even if someone like me had to talk them into going outside.

You see even if they didn't want to go at first, 
they are all up for it now!! 

So get out in the fresh air and take a good walk 
to recharge your batteries,
you won't regret it!! 
Soon enough you will be running around like them (smile)


  1. What an enjoyable and lovely post Annie!! Really missing my morning walks too, with the rains playing spoil sport this side of the earth! I just loved the expressions of your dog....he's soooo cute <3

    1. thank you Malvechka for your comment. I am glad someone is enjoying my work.


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