Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Irish Green

              I am very fond of natural light, actually I never use flash, simply because I enjoy light as it is, I prefer to adjust to it, according to the conditions, than to invade everything with a flash. Obviously, it would be a different story if I was working in a studio. Since I am not, I can allow myself this luxury not to use flash and to explore the generous gift of our beautiful sun.
     When taking photos outdoors, it's very important to know when to go looking for the perfect light. My favourite time of the day, with the best conditions for taking photos outdoors is early in the morning. Obviously, it all depends on the weather and cloud cover. If the day is clear with no clouds you have to be out as early as possible and as close to the sunrise as you can actually wake up. Some clouds allow for a late start and sometimes, it is possible to take photos all day long if you have the right conditions like lots of diffused light and not too much contrast, which usually happens in the middle of the day and early afternoon.
     Also, it depends what you are going to take photos of.
     At the moment I mainly take images of plants - flowers, trees, leaves, branches. I seem to be drawn to the amazing lush greenness all around. This is what everyone know about Ireland after all, how green it is.
     Now is the moment to stop and admire the beautiful summer gift of Mother Nature - the lush verdant leaves dancing in the breeze and the swaying rushes keeping up their rhythm. 
Enjoy the Irish Green

Thank you for the visit!!!


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    1. Thank you Jonny, sorry for the late reply for some reason I wasn't notified for your comments

  2. Amazing photographs - thank you for sharing them!!

    1. Thank you Rebecca for the nice words and the visit. I am glad you enjoyed my work


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