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Occasional sunny spells

Occasionally after a horrific summer like last one, here in Ireland we get fantastic autumn days, with lovely sunny spells.
Every time the weather is clear, warm and sunny people are up and about trying to get the most of it because you never now when it will get bad again, an here in Galway county, it happens faster than anywhere else. 
Remember The Twilight movies with the vampires hiding out in Forks because it is the rainiest and cloudiest place on Earth, well believe me they should have come here, there is definitely more cloudy and rainy days all year round and the landscape is as dramatic!! 
The occasional sunny spells do bring the spirits up and we get a a lovely break from the constant drizzle and heavy overcast skies. It becomes lovely and sunny and bright. The colours are warm and all I want to do is climb the mountains and walk the forests and swim the ocean and take photos all the time...until it starts again
Forgive me for feeling a bit bitter and sarcastic but a lot of…

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