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A bit of Random Colour

Sometimes I just crave for colour! Nothing else to it. Colours.    Random.    Happy.   Enjoy. 

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I am such a great spy!   Last year I spied on my neighbors' flower pot with my zoom lens. 
It was simple irresistible. 

  Then it was the other neighbor's hedge. It came out a real gem!!

  And this week it was my other neighbor's plum tree.  It is starting to blossom. 
  I have been waiting for the first blossoms since New Year's day. 
  And finally, here they are: 

It was definitely worth spying!
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ANOTHER SUN on the hills of Connemara

Sometimes I go out with random thoughts in mind  ready for anything and then I get completely stunned and pleasantly surprised. 
Usually I feel lucky I was there with the camera in hand.
These photos are from one of those mornings when I feel utterly grateful that I exist  and that I was there to witness that moment in space and time  which will never really happen again. 
Lucky me. 

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While I was working on these images I listened to a certain song called ANOTHER SUN by Tracy Chapman

Please give it a try and you will see what I mean. They go so well together

Beauty in the blue twilight

My favorite time of the day is just before the sun rises, while the light is still blue, the contrast is soft and gentle and everything blends into mysterious shapes and fabulous textures. 
Moments like that make my day better and happier.
Enjoy the beauty of the blue twilight with me. 

More photos from Old Bog road here
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Don't you just love it when the light is just right and everything looks fantastic?!!!

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