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Without words, Ode to Light

Sometimes there is no need to say a word. The photos tell the whole story for me. 
Without words, Ode to Light

The Glorious Spring Light

Spring is certainly one of my favourite times of the year, for so many reasons that I am not sure where to start.
The trees are blossoming, new foliage is growing, the first flowers are springing out of the winter devastation, the days are getting longer and finally - the light is changing. The darkness is over, the light is becoming so pure and bright, it is a real pleasure to press that shutter button. And since photography is my most enjoyable pastime how can I not be joyous and happy that spring has arrived?   
Now is the moment to crawl through the gardens and new greenery and explore the neighborhood, to look up the cherry and apple trees and forget yourself for a while.
Just admire that gorgeous nature all around you, basking in the glorious spring light, shake off the winter darkness, grab the camera and get out of hiding and back into the light.  And don't worry,  summer is on its way...    

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