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A trip in Vratsa Mountain

There is a reason why I love the mountains so much.  When you grow up like me next to all this breathtaking beauty you don't really have a choice.  And believe me I don't need one.  Take a trip with me in Vratsa Mountain.


Every year, a few days before Christmas we  go to Galway visiting the Christmas market, then strolling through the city in the dark, admiring the decorated windows and soaking up the festive feeling in the air. 

This is a part of our celebrations and there is something really lovely in walking on Shop street at Christmas time, all the lights are bright and colourful, there is a lot of people around, everyone is happy and chatting away, there are tempting  aromas floating from everywhere from all the cafes,food stalls and shops.
Enjoy the symphony of colours and lights and that gorgeous feeling of Christmas just around the corner...

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