Wednesday, December 5, 2012


a mountain view and blue sky in Vratsa, Bulgaria

Christmas is coming. Usually it makes people think of home, old friends and relatives we haven't seen for ages and we really miss. Especially all of us that live abroad in strange far away places, tossed out there by pure chance or weird consequences. Sometimes simply driven out by survival or by the strong necessity to satisfy our inquisitiveness and curiosity. Sometimes driven by hope for success and better futures, a better life. Who knows...

There are many reasons why we are out there somewhere instead of home. It is all personal and sometimes a little painful. That is the price of it all. 

So Christmas is coming and I also think of home. I always have the Hometown blues at this time of the year. And I need some visual incentive to keep me going through the holidays. 
Otherwise I feel a bit lost. And lonely. 
Even though I am not alone. 
Simply, I just miss home.
collage with images from Vratsa, Bulgaria

collage with images from Vratsa, Bulgaria

mountain views from Vratsa, Bulgaria

View of the town Vratsa from the surrounding mountain tops

Vratsa in the snow

Vratsa in the snow

snowy mountain tops in Vratsa Bulgaria

Vratsa in the winter snow

winter collage from Vratsa

window views from Vratsa bulgaria

beautiful winter images from the clock tower in Vratsa


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