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Gorgeous in PinK

     I am not very fond of pink. I believe that unless you are a 6 years old little girl pink can rarely be your colour. 
Apple trees, well this is another story, they are born to wear pink

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The Lovely Cherry BlossomS

Cherry blossoms - I wait for them all winter. They are the highlight of the long awaited spring. This season, my pickings are a bit small since the weather got mixed up so much, too cold too hot, no one knew what was happening, but finally my young cherry tree delivered a few blossoms. Now I can wait until next year..

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Green SprinG

Finally, the green is here. 
I have been waiting for it for months now, since this years the spring was so late, and even so the leaves on the trees are still not very big. But it is enough for me to capture some green glory. 

Enjoy the green with me 

I know green is great but I just could not resist to add a bit of colour (smile)

CasUal friEDdshiP

I pass by this horse everyday.      Sometimes he pretends he doesn't see me.       Sometimes he comes to greet me. You never know...

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Down to grounD

     For the last few days our slightly overgrown lawn quietly transformed itself into a dandelion and daisy paradise. I spent a bit of time crawling among the weeds spying on the macro world we so often tread upon. I found some great stuff...

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