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My boxer story

For the last week or so we took care of a third boxer.

Yes, I am not joking. We already have two lovely chaps and decided we need more. When you have one boxer, it is never enough. You get so much love and attention from them it is addictive. Honestly, pure addiction. The way they look at you, the way they can read you and predict what you are going to do before you do it so they can join you and you can not say no.... Doesn't that sound like the perfect relationship?!

Anyway, we got the first one as a puppy, 7 years ago. He has imprinted on us all perfectly now. I never had a dog before him and I never knew it is so wonderful and rewarding. We got boxer books, we read, we watched a lot of dog shows and now I can say that we are pretty good with dogs. We walked him every single day for at least and hour an half, most of the time two and more. No matter the weather and believe me around here in this part of Ireland, the weather is pretty bad most of the time. As long as he has had h…

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