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The Cat That Just Moved In

Well, what do you know. It seems cats just walk in, move in, and that is that. 
If they choose you, they choose you forever and you become their new family. 

This is what happened to us, last August this ragged, starved, dirty, scared little thing just appeared in the garden and moved iton the green house eventually.
For 2 months he didn't let anyone come near him even a couple of meters away. But believe me, he ate the food I left for him in the garden. He has a crippled front paw but even so he is amazingly fast when he feels he needs to disappear. With the speed of light. 

Anyway, over the last few months he is looking better, being well fed, my daughter manages to comb him regularly and all his fluff is looking a bit more organised and lovelier. Believe me, I have never seen such a fur ball in my life!! So much fluff in one place!! Reminds me of feathers, light and airy and his colour is so wonderfully orange. He is the prettiest kitty I have ever seen.

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