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Indian Summer

After 10 days of gale winds, lashing rain and dark stormy clouds flying across the sky, we woke up right in the middle of a lovely Indian summer. The winds are gone, everything is so still it feels a bit spooky but it is yet so much better than holding tight for your life.  The temperature is surprisingly and unnaturally higher than usual. And most of all it's kind of sunny!  You might find it funny that I am being ecstatic just because it's (notice the "kind of") sunny, but if you were living in Ireland you would know what I mean. We are not as lucky as the rest of the world about the amount of sunny days we have. Here it rains more often than not and most of the time even if it is not cold it is cloudy and we rarely see the blue sky. So every time there is a bit of blue sky overhead everyone is happy, joyful and the first thing people say when they meet is "Lovely day today, isn't it?!" 
I went up in the hills, nature was so peaceful and relaxed it felt …

My hiding place

It is amazing how the weather can be just fine and almost sunny one moment and then suddenly, it's windy, drizzling and without a promise for a blue sky anytime soon. 
I am observing this very transformation right now. I am sitting with the laptop in my favourite place - the green house. I love to be outside and when I am inside I like to feel as if I am outside. I know it sounds crazy, but I simply love any kind of vegetation and I just love to be able to see the green leaves outside my window moving to the rhythm of the wind. 
This my secret place here, where I hide among my foliage plants. I have a thing about green and leaves. I have an avocado tree here which, I planted right after we arrived in Ireland 8 years ago. It is taller than me now. Keeping it company are a couple of foliage begonias (I love the wrinkled multicolored leaves)a bunch of cacti (another weakness of mine)a few geraniums, and of course the other giant palm tree. When I start watering all the plants around th…

Dublin's First Instagallery!!

I just received an invitation to Dublin's first pop-up Instagram gallery.

Since I will not be able to attend I decided to blog this invitation to anyone who can.

The Instagellery is an eciting new interactive, social media focused photography project.

The event will take place on Thursday 19th September at 7pm in The Fumbally Exchange, No.5 Dame Lane, Dublin 2. The Instagallery is Dublin's first pop-up Instagram gallery and it showcases photos taken and shared by Irish bloggers and the vibrant Irish Instagram community. This will be an event that will promote creativity and sharing amongst the city's many photographers, both novice and expert.
So pop down and join us for an evening of fun and digital delights, such as our interactive photo-wall. This installation will be a living, breathing, moving photo collage, featuring a constantly updating collection of Instagram images.  No party would be complete without some fine wine, good beer, tasty food and funky beats and yes we h…

Happy cows

I guess you would say, What?! Happy cows?! What is she talking about? 
Well, after you see my images, please tell me, don't you think those are some happy and lucky cows to live in a place like that with such glorious views and all that fresh air and all that soft sweet grass, carpeting in the hills of Connemara.
I certainly feel extremely lucky and wonderfully happy to live in such a beautiful country, to be able to stroll this very road every morning with my camera and admire that gorgeous view. 
Yes, I can never have enough of that!
Believe me, I feel as lucky and as happy as those wonderful creatures, belonging to the mesmerizing hills of Connemara.  

  Tell me, wouldn't you want to be able to walk here? Wouldn't you feel happy strolling those hills and admiring that view every day?!  I certainly do! Thank you for the visit,  you are welcome to leave your thoughts for me 

Flower Dream

I had a flower dream...

Thank you for the visit! 

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