Tuesday, September 17, 2013

My hiding place

It is amazing how the weather can be just fine and almost sunny one moment and then suddenly, it's windy, drizzling and without a promise for a blue sky anytime soon. 
I am observing this very transformation right now. I am sitting with the laptop in my favourite place - the green house. I love to be outside and when I am inside I like to feel as if I am outside. I know it sounds crazy, but I simply love any kind of vegetation and I just love to be able to see the green leaves outside my window moving to the rhythm of the wind. 
This my secret place here, where I hide among my foliage plants. I have a thing about green and leaves. I have an avocado tree here which, I planted right after we arrived in Ireland 8 years ago. It is taller than me now. Keeping it company are a couple of foliage begonias (I love the wrinkled multicolored leaves)a bunch of cacti (another weakness of mine)a few geraniums, and of course the other giant palm tree. When I start watering all the plants around the house it takes me about half an hour. But I love every second of it. 
So this is my hiding place where I go looking for peace and quiet, where I think the best and where I find my inspiration and ideas. Submerged in a sea of green inside and outside. 
Simply perfect. 

My hiding place!!

I just had to show this off

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