Sunday, September 8, 2013

Happy cows

I guess you would say, What?! Happy cows?! What is she talking about? 
Well, after you see my images, please tell me, don't you think those are some happy and lucky cows to live in a place like that with such glorious views and all that fresh air and all that soft sweet grass, carpeting in the hills of Connemara.
I certainly feel extremely lucky and wonderfully happy to live in such a beautiful country, to be able to stroll this very road every morning with my camera and admire that gorgeous view. 
Yes, I can never have enough of that!
Believe me, I feel as lucky and as happy as those wonderful creatures, belonging to the mesmerizing hills of Connemara.  

  Tell me, wouldn't you want to be able to walk here?
Wouldn't you feel happy strolling those hills and admiring that view every day?! 
I certainly do!
Thank you for the visit, 
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