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A walk in the snow

It has been a few years since I walked in snow. Real snow. Knee deep and all
But the photos I took then still remain and will always be there. For me this is one of the best aspects of photography, grabbing the moment and freezing it in time for ever. Absolutely Fantastic!!  Later on every time you look at the images you have taken you can simply travel back in time and experience again the same moment.

At least this is how it is for me. I have thousands and thousands of images in my database but when I look at  any one I can remember exactly where I was and feel the same hot sun and the same biting wind or cold snow. Fabulous!!

So here is some images from a walk in the snow 5 years ago that I never had the time to post.

Enjoy the cold and the white beauty of it, Have a walk in the snow with me  

Happy New Year to you all

The winds are blasting outside, the weather is absolutely appalling but I still have to go out and walk the dogs because they don't really care if I feel like going out or not, if I like the weather or not!! But hey, I love the giant buggers so much, I don't mind at all!!! I only wish the weather was better so I could stop for a few photos on the way, the first for the new year maybe but alas not this time...
So here you go have a few photos from last year just because I can!!
Happy New Year to you all and have a great one!!!

have a great year!!!

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