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Hi Everyone
I was just handed the SUNSHINE AWARD by the lovely Miss Annie It is given to bloggers who inspire creativity and positivism.  I have to admit that I am really pleased  if my work has that effect on people. 
This is exactly what I WANT and HOPE to achieve by my images.  I  want to share the beauty I see with all of you  and I wish to make you feel good about the world we live in  I wish to inspire you to grab a pencil and draw,  or get the camera and take a photo JUST CREATE SOMETHING  IT IS THE BEST FEELING IN THE WORLD!!

The rules are to provide 11 facts about yourself, answer the 11 questions set for you, provide 11 questions yourself and tag 11 lovely bloggers to do it too.  Copy and past the questions I have provided below and I look forward to reading your responses! 
I am madly in love with photography and never go anywhere without my camera. This is my RULE NUMBER 1 My second passion is being outdoors, walking, hiking, mountain climbing etc... anything related…


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I  needed a bit of cheering up today so I decided to post a few shots I took last Friday in Galway Shopping center. 
I have discovered that at this time of the year looking at Christmas images lifts my spirits up. Well, call me hopelessly romantic or soapy, or old-fashioned or corny ...whatever I don't really mind! I love it and that is that!!

This is the new Christmas decoration of the Gourmet Tart Co. shop window. I think it is really cool and deserves a bit of attention!! Good job and well done guys!! 

The rest of the images are just random captures
 from the Galway Shopping center


I have to admit that there is no better combination than late autumn, blues skies, golden leaves and bright afternoon sunlight. Use the few days left of bright sunlight and the last of the autumn leaves on the almost naked trees and make the most of it. Take the kids and the dogs and just go. You won't be sorry, believe me!!
I did yesterday. I got leaves for gold or gold for leaves, who knows...The important thing is that it worked just perfectly. you can judge for yourselves: 

I just love autumn colours! Have a look at some of my last years pickings
thank you for stopping by!!


November arrived with the first frost. I guess there is nothing to complain about. Basically, it was about time. So far the weather was alright - not too cold, not too rainy and not too windy either compared to the past few years. We actually just started to put the heating on now so I have to say - it has been rather good! 
I am fine with the first frost arriving now. 
It also presents some fabulous photo opportunities for me. 
I have to admit that I LOVE FROST. 
And here is WHY.  

I managed to find a few frosty mini mushrooms as well!

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