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Fun with Frost

When there is no deep snow to mess around with there is a bit of fancy frost to take a few photos of.
I guess that will do for now.  Something to take my mind of the raging storm outside. 
Yes, I know, Another storm!!
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Lost in the magic of bad weather

Yes, I am still lost in a perpetual, day-after-day succession of  storms with thunder and lightning, and more and more rain, and more wind....
For how long, I do not know, but it feels as if it has been going on forever.

And believe me, it is as if someone wrapped the area where we live in an invisible bubble of bad weather, because it is definitely not as bad everywhere else in the county and in the country.
The bad weather is localized just here. It is extra rainy and extra windy. Sometimes, just a few kilometers away it's nice and sunny, while where we live it pours like crazy!!
It all has to do with the position of our town I believe, so there is nothing we can really do about it except get some really good rain gear and tough it up.

As usual my images look a bit strange, so Google hasn't resolved their issue with uploading images yet.  Very annoying situation because I lost a lot of time deleting and finding new ones instead of the ones I was planning to use!!

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