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The Irish Green

I am very fond of natural light, actually I never use flash, simply because I enjoy light as it is, I prefer to adjust to it, according to the conditions, than to invade everything with a flash. Obviously, it would be a different story if I was working in a studio. Since I am not, I can allow myself this luxury not to use flash and to explore the generous gift of our beautiful sun.
     When taking photos outdoors, it's very important to know when to go looking for the perfect light. My favourite time of the day, with the best conditions for taking photos outdoors is early in the morning. Obviously, it all depends on the weather and cloud cover. If the day is clear with no clouds you have to be out as early as possible and as close to the sunrise as you can actually wake up. Some clouds allow for a late start and sometimes, it is possible to take photos all day long if you have the right conditions like lots of diffused light and not too much contrast, which usually happens in the …

RAIN! rain! RaiN!

   Yesterday, after weeks of relentless sun and unusual for Ireland heat, we got rain! And it was some rain believe me! More like a deluge, lashing down from the sky. 
   It all started with heavy thunder, rolling slowly over the hills and landing right on top of our picturesque village. Followed by the inseparable lightning crackling wildly everywhere around us. The clouds swooped in so fast, I am sure some people didn't have time to hide. Luckily I was at home and managed to get some photos through the open window, otherwise my camera would have suffered   some irreparable damage, I am sure!

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The Perfect Summer Light

I have mentioned the photographer's search for The Perfect Light on quite a few occasions. Obviously, this is a very vast subject.

That is why, I will not even try to explain what kind of light other artist are looking for. As far as I am concerned, I believe that lately I found the perfect natural light, with the best conditions possible for nature photography. It doesn't happen often here in Ireland because light like that requires a bit more sun and less clouds. So far this summer we were blessed with glorious weather. It's been sunny and hot for about a month now which hasn't happened for at least 5 or 6 years.
So one day, while I was out, finally I found what I was looking for. Enjoy the best Summer Light with me. 
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Let's Go for a WalK

    There are quite a few positive outcomes from a walk.
you get a lot of fresh air. Being outdoors reboots the system and recharges the batteries. After the walk you feel refreshed, revitalized and renewed. Ready to get on with whatever life brings on.
you can also walk the dogs, they have their own business to do out there... Mine take their walk very seriously. And I think they have an internal clock, once it's time to go out they start stretching, yawning, getting ready, no matter if I am ready to go or not. And if I am still busy with something they start giving me those looks that can only mean: Are You Ready Yet!!!!!!! for me, the best part of going for a walk is taking the camera with me. Unfortunately, this only means that no one else will be happy about it, not even the dogs. Now during the holidays, I made a deal with my son: he has to come  with me during the week and then he has the weekend off to do that ever he wants. It's a great deal, but he doesn't like it w…

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