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Today is a pretty miserable day weather wise. 
It is raining or drizzling very consistently, enough to make you thoroughly wet if you are out and about walking the dogs totally unprepared.

I was trudging  along keeping pace with the guys when suddenly I found a treasure.
A real sign that autumn is here but we don't know it yet.

Actually I can see the change in the bog lands. The rusty glow in the grasses and the wind blown rushes. It's all there in the tree leaves and the chill of the early morning breeze..

And then there is this, just one among the last of the green.


Connemara Pony Says Hi

Recently I met this lovely Connemara Pony. He is like the mascot of Moycullen.
He lives in a field right before all the hubbub happens.  I also cannot resist a good photo when I see one,  He is SO charming!!  

He can be really friendly or be just so bored and ignore you to death no matter what you do. 
I guess everyone tries to grab his attention when passing.
On a few occasions I got lucky!!
Here is me and the pretty pony from Connemara that lives in the Heart of Moycullen 

Who knew ponies like Tiësto?

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