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Garden stories

There is no ending to the photos taken in the garden. 
It changes with the weather, with the time of the day, with the season.... It is always in motion, growing, blossoming, it is never still.
Have a quick look at a mix of photos from early spring. The Garden Stories begin  

thanks for looking at my Garden story.
Soon there will be more ;) and RIGHT HERE you can have a quick look of the surrounding Connemara landscape

Living in Paradise

I just couldn't resist  and post this solitary image I took yesterday morning before work. I take the dogs for a little stroll at 5am everyday (only when I am working) just to clear my head do a few exercises and enjoy the fresh air while they get a little breeder and do their business.

Usually the cats come as well, I can make a long post with those photos but that is a pleasant task for another day :) For now here is this one:

see you soon 

Fairybridge Summer

I got really lucky recently. I moved house. And not to any house but into a real fairy tale. I guess no none will believe me until  I post some photos ;)

It has been a fantastic spring so far, I foresee an amazing summer!!

The place is called Fairybridge and this is how it looks like:
The first glimpse you get when you arrive from the road

Living in a 280 year old house is the most incredible experience for me so far.  It simply a dream...Think of all the photos coming up....

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