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The Leaf Collection

     I don't know if anyone else is into leaves, but me I am crazy about leaves - summer, autumn, spring - they are a perfect target.  The combinations of colours, shapes and textures are simply endless and that is the beauty of it! Unfortunately, for now the time for shooting leaves is over. The other day I found the last leaves for the season, the wind took care of what was left on the trees and even on the ground. Until next year. So this is my autumn collection 2012. Enjoy.

And then the leaves are all gone... That does not mean there is nothing left to photograph

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Man's best friend

This post is for my wonderful, faithful, beautiful, funny, crazy boxer Patch. Since he is my most devoted photo companion, I decided that he deserves my gratitude for keeping me company for the last 5 years. While I snap away happily, he patiently waits for me to finish and continue with our countryside ramblings together.

 He was just 2 months old when he joined our family.  He could fit in the crook of my arm.

But then he grew up so fast 

     He loves to play, bark at stones (seriously!!), chase after stones in the lake (if someone agrees to throw them for him he can run and splash for hours), sleep (a lot), pretend to be a sofa cushion, and all in all he is just a big softy. Normally no one believes that because he is so strong and big!!

He really wishes he could fly

He loves walking with me and appreciates a good view.

We are so good together

He is very curious, 
always comes to investigate what I am doing

He is simply wonderful!!

He knows how to express himself pretty well. 

He doesn'…

LOokINg for tREasurE

I went to the park today looking for treasure.   And that is exactly what I found.  The conditions were far from perfect but it appears we are in the rainy season so... The wind was too strong to hold the camera steady and the rain kept drifting into my eyes. I had to clean the lens every few minutes and almost shoot blind but I think it all came out fine at the end thanks to the photogenic qualities of the oak leaves.
All in all, my quest for treasure was a success.  

The park was in a bit of a rough spot. 
And it still continues to rain...

Early morning photo walk

It started out wet and drizzly. It was still a bit dark and yet the light was soft, the colourful autumn attire of the trees was gently saturated. There was a marvelous feeling of calmness and peace in the air. 

At the end the sun came up and the colours changed.

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