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Autumn days at Fairybridge

The summer goes by so fast, one day it's here full blast, hot and sticky and then one morning you wake up, go out for your early morning walk and the night wind chills you to the bones and the cold drizzle makes you wish you have your winter jacked on. Well, once you feel that, believe me, summer has turned it's back on us, it's walking away fast and autumn is already here before you even think about it. Before you had time to ask yourself where did all the time go, how come we didn't do anything interesting...again... 
Just work, sleep, work and brief glimpses of blue sky with deep gulps of fresh air here and there ... 

I hope it was better for you, I hope you had time to enjoy the summer, to travel, to go to the beach and swim until you feel week under the sun, to climb mountains until you had just about enough of rocks, wild fires and lack of civilization.
Me I had my salvation - my camera,  so no matter what happens I always have a way out, as long as I can take p…

Lazy summers

My kids had a lovely lazy summer. All I asked for was:walk the dogs for 2 hours every day clean the living room, where the video games den is...learn to do your own laundry (including mad dashing outside because it's raining ..then putting them back on)wash all YOUR dishes and cups once I have done the wash up   That was not too much to ask, was it? Every mum can dream right?
Needless to say, they didn't do all of it all the time. Except walking the dogs, that is A RULE NUBBER 1 for us all, Because we love our lovely boxers so much that nothing else matters.
And still, they did have a lovely lazy summer, don't you think?

Mr Kitty and the Old Boys
Walking with my boxers
Man's best friend ;-)

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