Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Purple morning

     Have you ever been to the same place over and over? And have you noticed how it can look different every time? 
     Today I went to the Bog Rod in Oughterard. I have been here thousands of times, but I never saw such a purple haze everywhere.  It was absolutely out of this world! 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Spring is late

   This year spring is very late. At first it started well, there was some great weather in February and then suddenly in March it all went down the drain...literally. It became so cold that the plants stopped growing and blossoming and now it looks like we are still in February.
   I am waiting impatiently for the warmth and the first gentle leaves. The tulips in the church yard, the cherry trees on Station road and the green grass of the hills.
The smiling sun and the blue sky... 

Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Magic of the Rising Sun

sunlight reflected on water

There is something so peaceful and relaxing about waking up early. 

Everyone else is still sleeping, the only noises out there are the birds singing happily for the new day. 

You go out and take a deep breath and it is fresh and invigorating and loaded with energy. Now is the time to climb a hill, or go to the lake or the sea shore and wait for the sun to come up. Those short few moments when it rolls out over the horizon and slowly climbs up, 
they are the best part of the day.  

For a while, everyday before work, I used to cycle to the pier in Oughterard. 
Every single morning, right in time for the sunrise. Believe me, I witnessed some stunning scenes, from there, from the very same spot on that pier. And at the same time they were always different and never the same. Confusing, I know!!! 

The moment of the sunrise lasts only a few precious moments and then the light changes and voila - it is time to start another day.

So,here you go, I share with you some of my favourite images, trying to do justice to the magic of the rising sun.

golden sunrise on Oughterard pier, Galway, Ireland

golden sunrise on Oughterard pier, Galway Ireland

colourful sunrise on Oughterard pier, Galway, Ireland

Colourful sunrise on Oughterard pier, Galway, Ireland

golden sunrise on Oughterard pier, Galway, Ireland

golden , red and yellow sunrise on Oughterard pier, Galway Ireland

pure gold sunrise on Oughterard pier, Galway, Ireland

pink and purple sunrise on Oughterard pier, Galway, Ireland

golden sunrise with stars in the waters of lough Corrib,  Oughterard pier, Galway, Ireland

golden ripples on lough Corrib, Oughterard pier, Galway, Ireland

grey morning on lough Corrib, Oughterard, Galway, Ireland

Thank you for being here

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Walk to Oughterard pier

One of the musts on your to-do list when you visit Oughterard Co Galway is to go to the pier. 

Preferably early in the morning if you are in search of a good sunrise, or in the evening if you are a late bird and enjoy a late walk. During the day the place is quite busy and I prefer to take photos early in the morning when people are still sleeping and I have the place for myself.

I love seeing the sun coming out of the waters of Lough Corrib, a beautiful site for sure. 
I have a lot of photos from the pier, any time of the day, any season, any weather. 
It is difficult to choose just a few.


Monday, April 1, 2013


Every year I wait impatiently for the first signs of spring. The little bits of bright blue between the fast moving clouds, the glowing purple of the crocuses among the colorless garden debris. The glorious bird songs greeting the new day awfully early each morning. The delicate first blossoms on the dark wind blown branches...   
A fabulous symphony of signs and promises of better days. 

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