Monday, December 23, 2013


The weather has been so horribly bad for the last week it was simply impossible to do anything outdoors. 

I am not going to even mention a casual stroll with a camera in hand, not when there is a warning for everyone to keep indoors and keep the shutters bolted. 
Not when it keeps hailing every few hours - big hard balls of ice that the wind drives into the face with particularly unpleasant force!!  
Not when everything that is a bit loose and forgotten somewhere in the garden starts flying happily around  - you can simply forget about it!! 

It's been a hell of a week and apparently it is not over. The weather will continue to be unpleasant over Christmas and after that. Or so I heard. 

The only images I managed to take lately were from the car in the pouring rain and the horrible wind!!
I have too say I rather like doing that since I am not the driver mind you!! 
Certainly don't try to do that if you are driving please!! 

For some really annoying reason my best photos didn't upload properly!  
I had to delete them because their colours got distorted. 
Does anyone else has this problem? 

thanks for being here!

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