Monday, June 23, 2014

Going Forward

This year the summer crept up on me in such a way I hardly saw it coming. 

Before I could look around the leaves were all out and flattering in the breeze, the grass was ready to be cut and the bird were singing like crazy on our roof.

Working full time and studding at the same time was so time consuming that I neglected all my blogs tragically and it will take me a bit of time to catch up and make up for the lost time.

But now I have new skills and I am so glad that I went to this course because I discovered a new passion in life and a completely new opportunity for going forward, for growing, for any which way you want to put it!! Making websites, writing code, HTML, CSS and all that...combined with my photography passion and love of writing, I say, what a great combination!

So this post is all bout Going Forward. Growing and Learning.
It is never too late. 

And those are the latest photos I took yesterday on my first summer walk for this year after months of only work, work work, and studying, studying, studying...
By the way... I will be a graduate in October!!!

leaves, nature, trees, summer

nature collage, summer feeling, green

trees, leaves, green, nature, summer

 sycamore trees, nature, summer feeling

trees, leaves, nature, summer

green, summer feeling, tree branches

There is nothing like walking with the dogs for company

dogs walking

dogs, walking

tree branches, green, summer feelingdaisies, flowers, summer

ferns, green, summer feeling

road, grass, summer, green

collage, summer images, grass, road, green

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