The Good Life of Some Cats

Before we know it, the summer is gone. No trace of it left anywhere except maybe if you look hard you can still see some green in the pasture fields but it is quite faint and won't be there for long..

Hurricane Ophelia came and went. Storm Brian passed by as well. We got lucky here in Galway and the area, at least where I live nothing dramatic happened, even though we got ready - I gathered all the geraniums and lined them up along the wall, all pots and garden decorations went down on the ground...

The fact that the cats were relaxed and were out most of the those nights, that is how I knew it wasn't going to be that bad over here.

Because you see, our Mr Kitty he has a barometer inside him, he can can feel when the weather is going bad, then he barricades himself in our bedroom and you can not dislodge him from the bed with any instrument, shouting or complaints...He is there until the weather gets better and that's that.

sleeping cat

sleeping cat

sleeping cat

It is good to be our cat, that is for sure!! Food any time he wants, comfy bed anywhere he desires,   hugs and cuddles any time at all really...whats not to like?!

Two months ago Mr Kitty brought himself a friend. We think this is what happened or The little guy just came here and found us on his own. 
Believe me, he is real cutie with a fluffy orange and white coat, but at that time he was completely out of his mind from neglect, starvation and total fear from everyone and everything. 

I took him a month just to let any one of us get near him. We only left a bowl of food out, he ate only if we went back inside and he camped in the green house. 

After a few weeks of regular meals and time to clean himself he turned into a completely different creature. It is so sad to know that he was left alone, to fend for himself simply because he is crippled with his front right paw. It looks like it was broken a long time ago and now it's healed the wrong way. He was also very terrified of humans and their appendages like legs and hands in particular and still is quite jumpy but not as much.  

Under my persistent loving care he surrendered completely. You should see the cuddles he gets and how he is loving it!! Sometimes I think he even asks for it himself!! But when I think about it he has a couple of years of cuddles and love to catch up on before he even starts his new life.

The Good Life of Some Cats, because it does not happen to everyone...

cat, peaking over a table

orange and white cat, kitten

cute orange and white kitty

curious orange and white kitty


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