Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Winter Light

Have you ever tried to look at something that you see everyday as if you see it for a first time?

It feels as if you are in the middle of a time lapse. Suddenly all details pop out and you can see an intricate and mesmerising world that you didn't even think existed.

You can hear the water running in the gutters, the golden sun rays envelop you in their embrace and   everything is submerged into a fantasy world of winter light and beautiful sounds.

I assure you, the ordinary can be magical and extraordinary as long as you decide to pause your everyday run and look with your mind's eye as much as your eyes.
Try and you will see.
Discover the beauty of the winter light with me.
And listen to some amazing music  by Ludovico Einaudi

thatched house, sunlight, tree

garden, sunlight

thatched cottage, sunlight, garden, winter

thatched cottage, green tree

green, thatched cottage

Here is the link to the WINTER LIGHT album

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