Forest Walks

pine tree needles and raindrops
One of my favourite things to do in my spare time is walking.

Walking through the fields, walking in the bogs, walking in the Hills of Connemara, walking with my dogs and especially walking in the forest.

The smell of earth and fallen leaves.. The happy singing of the mountain streams..The peaceful silence and the playful light in the branches of the trees... all that and so much more  is what keeps me coming back and back and back...

I will show a few shots from a random walk from last year when Flick was a tiny puppy and was just learning the secrets of the forest. 

Now, after walking there every day for a year and a half, I would say he looks like he simply belongs in it. 

Forest Walks by Annie Japaud Photography 

light in golden leaves in the forest sun shining through the branches of a tree

forest landscape, Galway, Ireland

boxer puppy walking

light shining in wet trees

a person walking in the forest with his dog raindrops on pine needles

forest greenery

boxer puppy walking

boxer puppy walking

wild flowers in the forest with raindrops

sun shining through the pine trees

 raindrops on pine needles

raindrops on pine needles

raindrops on pine needles

forest spring


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