Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Autumn Celebration

It is the first of October and I have to admit that this year Autumn strolled in without hesitation and it is definitely here to stay. 

Up until a few days ago, the trees were still more dark green than brown, the grass was less rusty than it is suddenly today and certainly, there weren't as many leaves dancing in the wind either.

Since my Sunday walk, when I officially went into Autumn mode, all the signs are boldly present. The dark luscious green of the trees is suddenly enriched with reddish and brown tones. The birches are slowly adorning their golden attire and the rushes in the bogs are becoming all rusty with a touch of crimson where the sun rays touch them.
It is an amazing scene that can drive anyone crazy with all that stunning beauty. Nature is perfect and we need to protect it and keep it clean!

There is nothing more annoying for me than finding everyday litter by the side of the roads. How come, some people can not wait to trow their garbage in the bin like everyone else?Why do they have to toss it out of their car window?! The answer evades me completely but their actions, sadly, I witness on daily basis.

Let us live this conversation for another day because this topic has been on the tip of my lips for a while now and continue the celebration of Autumn' arrival. Enjoy nature's palette of colours, so fascinating and so gorgeous.

First signs of Autumn - my other blog post in http://postcardsfromireland.blogspot.ie/

Thank you for stopping by. Any thought on my ramblings are much appreciated. 

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