Thursday, October 17, 2013

Shroom time!!

mushrooms in the grass, raindrops
The other day I went to my usual photo walk with a project in mind - to catch the last remnants of summer. I looked everywhere, believe me, but all I found was a butter cup with half eaten petals. 

The green, I discovered, is not very green any more and doesn't remind me of summer either. So, I definitely have to put the thoughts of summer behind me and as much as I don't want to welcome the rain, the cold and the constant cloud cover, they are here to stay. But there is something else that I found instead of my summer reminders - I found mushrooms!  

Shrooms everywhere in every shape and size!  They sprouted overnight and literally took over the world!! It's shroom time everyone get ready, but please don't go picking and eating if you don't know what you are doing!!!!! It's far too dangerous than you think!

Enjoy my Shroom gallery, I certainly enjoyed taking those images:

big bunch of mushrooms in the grass, raindrops
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close up of mushrooms in the grass, raindrops

 mushrooms in the grass, raindrops mushrooms in the grass, raindrops

mushrooms in the grass, raindrops

mushrooms in the grass, raindrops

mushrooms in the grass, raindrops

tiny mushrooms in the grass, raindrops

mushrooms in the grass, raindrops

I found this gathering on the side of the road right in my neighborhood. They grew overnight for my own personal delight when I passed with the camera in the morning it was a wonderful moment but a dreadful delay for the dogs!! They had to wait patiently until I finished shooting happily.   
In case you are wondering, I always shoot in RAW and the images are taken with 50mm lens 1.8 aperture, my camera is Canon 400D. I am in love with this lens and I am exploiting it to its full potential  she is performing miracles for me I dare say!!

Thank you for stopping by! Please don't hesitate to tell me what you think!    

buttercup© Annie Japaud 2013

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